TENS Machine Maintenance Guide

Our TENS/EMS Machines require very little maintenance. All that is required is good electrode/pad care and changing the battery when required. The life of the battery is dependant on amount of use as well as the intensity of the programs used. Change the battery if the display does not function or the output intensity seems diminished.

The longevity of the pads, can be promoted by good skin preparation and post use storage. Before the pads are applied it is recommended that the site is free from body oils or cosmetics by cleaning with an alcohol swab. This will also provide the best surface contact for each treatment session.

Remember the "FIVE P’s": Poor Preparation Promotes Poor Performance. After use lightly spray the pads. with approximately 90% water and 10% Methylated spirit, mixed in a suitable small bottle, before re-applying pads - electrodes to their storage sheet. It is advisable to retain the zip lock bag (as supplied with the pads) so the pads can be sealed as air tight when stored.

When you are not expecting to use your TENS Machine for an extended period of time, make sure to remove the batteries from the battery compartment (as acid may sometimes leak from some types of batteries and could damage your machine). Keep the TENS machine and accessories in its carrying case and keep it in cool dry place.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: Prior to the use, the new rechargeable battery should be charged according to the battery manufacturer’s instructions. Before using the battery charger, read all instructions on the battery and in this instruction book. After being stored for 60 days or more, the batteries may lose their charge. After long periods of storage, batteries should be charged prior to being used.


(1) Plug the charger into mains electrical power outlet. The use of any attachment not supplied with the charger may result in the risk of, electric shock, or injury.

(2) Follow the battery instructions for charging time.

(3) After the battery recommended charging time has been completed, unplug the charger and remove the battery.

(4) Batteries must always be stored in a fully charged condition.

To ensure best possible battery performance we recommend you follow these guidelines:

(a) Overcharging the batteries for up to 24 hours will not normally damage them but repeated overcharging may diminish useful battery life.

(b) Always store batteries in their charged condition. After a battery has been discharged, then recharge it as soon as ever possible. If the battery is stored more than 60 days, it will often need to be recharged.

(c) Do not short circut the terminals of your battery. This will often cause the battery to get hot and can make for permanent damage. Avoid storing the batteries in your pocket or purse where the terminals may accidentally come into contact with any coins, keys or metal objects

If you need to conduct a factory reset of your machine, the documents can be downloaded from the below links:

If a person is considering "TENS" for the first time, they should know that it is "Advisable to Consult a Medical Practitioner" before using.

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