High Quality TENS Machine Pads

We offer a wide range of high quality TENS machine pads and replacement pads that will suit most TENS and EMS machine units. TENS machine pads are the touch points on your skin where your TENS machine will direct the nerve stimulation. The effectiveness of your unit is directly influenced by the quality of the pads, and with our excellent quality pads you can be guaranteed that your TENS machine will continue to work as it should.

TENS Pad Options

These fantastic quality TENS machine replacement pads are the high quality pads we supply with all our TENS and EMS machines.  Care should be taken to use the alcohol wipes to clean the skin before pad placement and store the pads on the plastic sheet after use.  This will ensure you receive the longest life out of your TENS pad set.You can choose from:

- Single size sets of TENS machine pads, if you only need a specific size.
- A complete 17 pad universal set, which contains most of our TENS machine pads in different sizes at a fantastic discounted rate.
- High conductive socks, gloves, elbow and knee electrodes. These have been specially designed for area specific pain, injuries and circulation problems.

For more information about any of our products or to find out which pads would work best for you, contact our friendly team. 

How To Use the Pads

Our carbon film electrode-pads are self-adhesive and will stick straight onto your skin. They are connected with leads to your TENS or EMS machine, which sends electrical currents directly through the pads to your skin to stimulate your nerves.

If your skin is getting irritated from the pads, your skin may be sensitive to the electrodes. You should try moving the pads to different positions if they have been in the same place for a long period of time. Or it may be just normal wear and tear and the pads need to be replaced.

If you can’t feel anything from the pads or one feels stronger than the other, they may not properly adhered to your skin. Press firmly on them to ensure good contact with your skin, or try positioning them in different places on your body. Hair, fat and scar tissue can decrease your skin’s sensitivity so don’t place them over these regions of your body. It’s also possible that the pads may be worn and need to be replaced.

Correct Pad Placement

You can find images for reference and further information about correct pad placement in our Pad Placement Guide. Below are some tips to help you position your pads most effectively.

- The pads need to be placed directly across your area of pain, or as close to it as possible. Find exactly where your pain is located and outline the most tender area of the pain. The pads should be placed over or around this area. - Always use two pads or four pads at the same time, as using just one pad will not work.

- You can change the flow of the electrical sensation by changing the distance between the pads or the direction they are facing. Depending on the pads you are using, they can be placed either horizontally, vertically or at an angle.

- The pads should never touch each other, but they also shouldn't be too far apart. The further apart they are, the less effective the electrical stimulation will be. Leaving about 5cm between the pads is ideal.

- It is recommended not to place pads directly over a joint like your knee, elbow or ankle, because its movement can loosen the pad from your skin.

- When the pain extends across a large distance of your body, such as from the back of your neck to your lower back, place one pad at the top of the pain and the other pad at the bottom of the pain.

- When the pain is more focused over a smaller area of your body, such as a headache, place the pads parallel to each other on either side of the pain. For headaches, pads should only be placed on your forehead and never your temples. We do not recommend any placement of pads on your head. Please see your doctor if you have this condition and are considering using a TENS Machine for your pain relief.

- When the pain is in a joint, such as your elbow or knee, place the pads parallel to each other on the muscle or soft tissue above and below the joint, or on either side of the joint.

- When the pain covers a wide area, such as between your shoulders, place the pads on the left and right side of the pain.

Never place your TENS machine pads over:

  1. The front or side of your neck

  2. Your temples

  3. Your mouth or eyes

  4. Your heart

  5. Irritated, delicate or broken skin

  6. Varicose veins

  7. Numb areas of your body

  8. Also, please see your healthcare professional if you have a pacemaker or any electronic device internal to your body.

Tens Pad Maintenance

Depending on your skin type and how often you use your TENS machine, the pads will generally last 2-3 months. Keeping them clean by properly preparing your skin before you use the pads will help them last longer. Follow these simple instructions to keep your pads in good condition and more effective for as long as possible.

- Before applying the pads, clean your skin of body oils, lotions and cosmetics with an alcohol swab.
- After use, spray the pads lightly with a 90% water/10% methylated spirits mixture and then reapply them to their storage sheet. - Store them in the zip lock bag that is supplied with your pads so they can be sealed air tight. Keep them in a dark, dry environment.
- Do not store them in the fridge. They require a storage temperature of 5°C to 27°C.
- When you notice any change in the effectiveness of your TENS or EMS machine, or any change in the way the electrical stimulation feels on your skin, you should replace your TENS machine pads. Continuing to use them once they are worn will reduce the effectiveness of your machine.


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